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Your awesome service_smoproduct/service has launched, you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s… or have you?

There are millions upon millions of people on social media today, everything from purchases to daily distractions are done on mobile devices. Meet your clients where they are.

Why your site needs SMO

Currently social networks are a very important part of the marketing strategies of any company, with them we can create a direct relationship with customers and establish and strengthen ties with visitors. In recent years social networks have become increasingly popular and have created a high level of trust in the information that is received thruougt them, it is necessary that companies have and maintain a social networking strategies to boost their credibility and their sales.

Social networks generate an endless number of backlinks which will increase traffic to the website associated with them, thus raising the rank of the page and improving it position in search results.


The top two benefits of social media marketing are increasing exposure and increasing traffic. A significant 92% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses. Increasing traffic was the second major benefit, with 80% reporting positive results.

Most marketers are using social media to develop loyal fans (72%) and gain marketplace intelligence (71%).


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogging, Google+ and Pinterest were the top seven platforms used by marketers, with Facebook leading the pack. All of the other platforms paled in comparison to these top seven. The top six in the above chart have remained virtually the same since 2012.

Meet your clients where they are

Alyzak not only prepares you, but leads you into this new territory that makes your vision go viral. We research your product, analyze and steer you in all the right directions AND provide you with real targeted traffic to your social networks. Furthermore, we have a network of famous instagram accounts that provide shoutouts to all of our customers, which brings you thousands of real followers every month! This is an exclusive bonus that comes by working with us.