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Your website is the representation of your company or business shown on the internet. It is said that today if something is not on the web it doesn’t exist, and in a way the phrase has a point: today, when a person looks for a product or information about a service the first place they usually look is online, and comparing everything they find is how they make their first selection.

It is therefore essential that any entity or company have an excelent Internet presence, so it can be a way to get in contact to prospective customers or users.

Your web should allow you to:
– Show to the world your organization or company. Many people come to know you through your website, and it will be the way to introduce what you do and what you are.
– Make sales directly to your clients, offering your products or service to a wider market.
– Introduce your product or your service through specific spaces to show what you do.
– Interact with users, providing regular and updated information, allowing you to receive your visitors opinions and ideas and allowing your users to share information with other users.
– In short, a website allows you to show who you are and what you do, increse sales, attract users to your products or service, and interact with them and creating a loyal fan base.

Why Alyzak is the right decision

We are a full service web design firm with 15+ years experience. We can provide everything you need to succeed at reasonable rates.

If you’re ready to put your business online, you’ve come to the right place. Alyzak offers a complete package of web design services, from the initial planning stages to final implementation and testing. Our design style has clarity, organization and expression to connect with your audience. We strive for quick downloads, easy navigation and consistency. We’ll design a customized website that enhances your company’s image, communicates with your target audience and persuades visitors to act.

Your website’s design and navigation also influence your ranking on search engines. We take into consideration the layout, graphics, load time, fonts, content and organization to craft a site that attracts search engine attention and entices visitors to stay.

We can integrate your current marketing plan and company logo to ensure your corporate identity is easily recognizable.


Distributing your products online in today’s market is crucial to your companys online success. Whether it be business to business, or business to consumer, making your products available to your customers in a easy to navigate and secured checkout system is what Alyzak understands and delivers.

Not only do our e-commerce systems allow you to safely deliver your online products to your customers we are also able to store every bit of information provided by the client at checkout in a database for future use.

Through the use of a customized administration area you are able to log in to your e-commerce shopping cart and maintain every aspect of the system. From emailing all of your customers to updating, deleting, adding, tracking or right down to shipping, we have it covered.

We work with online merchants such as Authorize.Net, World Pay, VerisSign and PayPal to secure your customers credit card payments. All of or shopping cart solutions can be integrated into your current web design or we can build a custom cart and web site to suit your specific needs.

Software development

Do you need a custom online application for your company ? we offer hi-end software development for your business.

We provide delivering your projects that can enable business growth, reduce costs or improve productivity, improve customer satisfaction/loyalty, create or enable competitive advantage. According to your specific needs and budget, we will develop the optimal custom software solution meeting urgency of the business need and costs/productivity statement. We use the most popular and cutting edge Internet-related technologies.

Our experience in development of custon software proved with a great deal of successfully completed projects and a references from our customers.

We have the best professionally educated designers, experienced and skilled programmers, highly professional managers are always at your disposal on your development project.

Below you will find just a few companies that have worked with us in the past years: